action Games
Micro World Rave Pond Micro World Rave Pond By: jjwallace

Blob Around In A Increasingly Psychedelic Micro World Rave Pond...

3.00 / 5.00
Potion Bar Potion Bar By: GamesChart

Plunge into the captivating world of magic! Make delicious potions with Rainbow spray and Vampire fangs and serve them to...

3.10 / 5.00
Power of Click Power of Click 2.96 / 5.00
Touch Sweet Elf 2 Touch Sweet Elf 2 Under Review
Extreme Spelling Extreme Spelling Under Review
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adventure Games
Paper Venture Paper Venture By: ArcadeArmory

It\'s your job to venture through 30 levels and assist the main character by giving him footing.

Under Review
Being One Being One By: Psionic

You are suspended in a vat of fluid in a Science Lab, escape the vat and the lab and find out who you are and what they have...

3.50 / 5.00
Virtual Racer Virtual Racer 3.50 / 5.00
Dream Tower Dream Tower Under Review
Detuneroid Detuneroid Under Review
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arcade Games
Tuk-Tuk Taxi Dash Tuk-Tuk Taxi Dash By: GamesChart

The city streets are getting busy and you’re the Tuk-Tuk driver!

Under Review
Neuron Neuron By: spectre1989

A fast and furious colourful neon shooter, with upgrades and perks including rapid fire and even slowmo!

Under Review
crazy beach crazy beach Under Review
Lost Inca Prophecy Lost Inca Prophecy 3.00 / 5.00
Alien Intruders Alien Intruders Under Review
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board Games
World's Greatest Temples Mahjong World's Greatest Temples... By: Playrix Entertainment

Put your mahjong skills to the test and use special abilities to clear the screen in this Mahjong puzzle game!

2.64 / 5.00
Birds Blaster Birds Blaster By: smsreq

Use you mouse aim and left click shoot the birds that come across the screen. Shoot as many birds as possible.

2.10 / 5.00
Extreme Maths Extreme Maths 2.59 / 5.00
Pyramid Raider Pyramid Raider 2.94 / 5.00
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card Games
Casino 21 Points Casino 21 Points By: dofreegames

Use you brain to be the final winner!

3.21 / 5.00
Pathians Pathians By: Gimme5Games

Clear the cards and boost your score by making the longest path!

2.89 / 5.00
Real Solitaire Real Solitaire 2.61 / 5.00
Saucy Snap Saucy Snap Under Review
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puzzle Games
Dimension Unknown Dimension Unknown By: Cyber Tribe

Travel through portals, lost in an unknown dimension, with the help of abilities you can gain by collecting power crystals.

3.67 / 5.00
Fix my Bike Suzuki Fix my Bike Suzuki By: 123chase

Fix all the parts of the bike in their exact position before the given time limit or else you have to play the game again....

3.30 / 5.00
Pimp My Tata Pimp My Tata 3.19 / 5.00
Jump Up 2 Jump Up 2 3.00 / 5.00
Cat Around The World Cat Around The World Under Review
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racing Games
Truck Race 3D Truck Race 3D By: FreeOnlineGames

So you think you can drive? Racing takes on a whole new meaning in this 3D truck racing game. Prove your skill against other...

2.72 / 5.00
Speed Trucks Speed Trucks By: gamebusted

Test your driving skills compete against other drivers.

2.82 / 5.00
GTO Drift GTO Drift 2.86 / 5.00
Angry Mouse Angry Mouse Under Review
Epic Truck 2 Epic Truck 2 2.92 / 5.00
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rpg Games
Non Stop Zombies Non Stop Zombies By: flashgamessubmission

You have entered Zombies city.

3.09 / 5.00
Pops Gun Pops Gun By: jonnyi6

A sidescroller shoot-out game where you play as a guy who has had his two friends kidnapped by a gang of dangerous men...

2.93 / 5.00
Keep Your Cool Keep Your Cool Under Review
Toxie-Radd 2 Toxie-Radd 2 3.05 / 5.00
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shooting Games
Kill Them All Kill Them All By: krichman

We want the planet, we have no use for the pesky little inhabitants known as humans. Kill them all.

2.90 / 5.00
Dirty Devils Dirty Devils By: freegamepick

Try to push a Devil into a boiling pot. Easy huh?

Under Review
Heavy Legion 2 Heavy Legion 2 Under Review
Sugar Rush Sugar Rush Under Review
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sports Games
8 Ball Billisrd Flash 8 Ball Billisrd Flash By: inocreato

8 Ball billiard flash game

3.18 / 5.00
Rancho Ice Adventure Rancho Ice Adventure By: johnkerr517

Rancho skates through ice and collects diamonds and other precious stones.

2.79 / 5.00
Hummer Rage Hummer Rage Under Review
Pinball Football Pinball Football 2.94 / 5.00
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strategy Games
Catch The Guardian 1 Catch The Guardian 1 By: freezearcade

Your aim is escape the unlimited enemies and catch the exit point ( Guardian ) Good Luck !

3.08 / 5.00
Jurassic Baby Care Jurassic Baby Care By: WB KaiserGames

Take care this pre-historic baby creatures and tend to there needs.\r\n

Under Review
Math TD Math TD 2.92 / 5.00
Frontline Defender Frontline Defender 3.07 / 5.00
Save The Penguin Save The Penguin Under Review
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Random Games
Hand Some Hand Some By: Coulador

Immerse yourself in a child's mind and explore his fertile imagination.

Under Review
Dead Sprint Dead Sprint By: Ethan718

A game that starts off slow but goes up to ridiculous speeds- for the type of gamer who likes fast-paced, constant-movement...

Under Review
Mega Dump Truck Mega Dump Truck 122 plays
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