action Games
Alien Annihilator Alien Annihilator By: smengler

In Space, No One Can Hear You Bleed.

3.68 / 5.00
Motorstorm: Avalanche Anarchy Motorstorm: Avalanche... By: Hypers33d

Tear it up in your SnowMachine and rip through the frozen wilderness before the mountain swallows you whole!

3.00 / 5.00
Forest Defense Forest Defense Under Review
Curl Rush!!! Curl Rush!!! 2.67 / 5.00
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adventure Games
Alliant DotC (Cheat enabled) Alliant DotC (Cheat... By: toni09

The year 3087. The earth resources have finally met their end. In order to survive the human race must find another planet...

2.69 / 5.00
Alien Attack 3D Alien Attack 3D By: xplored

A 3D real-time rail First Person Shooter (mouse only) in a sci-fi alien setting, with voiceover dialogues and hi-quality...

2.76 / 5.00
Flying Birds Hunter Flying Birds Hunter Under Review
Detective Files 2 Detective Files 2 Under Review
Grandpa Launcher Grandpa Launcher 3.20 / 5.00
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arcade Games
Office Slacking 4 Office Slacking 4 By: box10

Sarah is back for one final stint of office laziness!

3.77 / 5.00
Survive Popo Survive Popo By: Jessica

Popo is surviving! run, jump, climb, or do anything as long as Popo is alive.

3.08 / 5.00
Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 3.00 / 5.00
Red Jet Rabbit Red Jet Rabbit 3.18 / 5.00
Kibble Katchers Kibble Katchers Under Review
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board Games
Hit Logic Hit Logic By: FreeOnlineGames

Think you\'re good with checkers? Do you have the eye of a sniper? Then take on Hit Logic and knock out all the red checkers...

3.04 / 5.00
Africa Quiz Africa Quiz By: cmdcmdcmdcmd

Smart enough for exploring? We\'ll see. Roll the dice and answer questions to get as many points as possible.

3.13 / 5.00
PrezGame PrezGame 3.33 / 5.00
Triangular 2048 Triangular 2048 Under Review
Extreme Maths Extreme Maths 2.61 / 5.00
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card Games
Time Tinkers Time Tinkers By: Xnite

Face-off in a steampunk fantasy card game against daring ship captains, gifted prodigies, or unwavering robots.

2.21 / 5.00
Card Suits Puzzle Card Suits Puzzle By: shajby

Card Suits Puzzle is a new highscores puzzle game in which you have exactly 180 seconds to get the best score possible by...

3.14 / 5.00
Ederon: Elder Gods Ederon: Elder Gods 3.02 / 5.00
Crazy Eight Crazy Eight 2.52 / 5.00
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puzzle Games
Beautiful Butterfly Jigsaw Beautiful Butterfly... By: biggames

It is jigsaw puzzle game with photo of butterflies.

Under Review
Attractor Attractor By: The Game Kitchen

A no-stress game to find your own way using a magnetic gameplay. Guide the balls to the home-holes.

2.52 / 5.00
Taman´s Puzzle Taman´s Puzzle 2.26 / 5.00
Wild Safari Wild Safari Under Review
Tempoma Tempoma 2.95 / 5.00
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racing Games
Extreme Moto Stunts Extreme Moto Stunts By: realgamez

Let your love for extreme sports shine by taking this awesome motorcycle and performing incredible stunts with it. Unlock...

Under Review
Winter Olympic Winter Olympic By: copenhagen

Show the world who the real champ is at the winter olympics.

Under Review
Bike Mania Arena 4 Bike Mania Arena 4 2.80 / 5.00
Classic Cup Classic Cup 3.00 / 5.00
Drifters Drifters Under Review
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rpg Games
Heaven or Hell 2 Heaven or Hell 2 By: FreeOnlineGames

Battle against the forces of Hell in this epic strategy game. Upgrade your forces and face increasingly difficult odds as...

2.93 / 5.00
Ancient Powers Ancient Powers By: nx8games

Ancient Powers is a RPG-Metroid-like game with 3 alternative endings in a Single Screen. 35 min of average gameplay.

2.39 / 5.00
Puzzle Defense Puzzle Defense 2.82 / 5.00
Rosies Restaurant Rosies Restaurant 2.92 / 5.00
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shooting Games
Marksmanship Marksmanship By: jeux-internet

You are a sniper retired in the North Pole. Penguins have decided to help you keep on the top. You have two shots to choose...

3.08 / 5.00
Let The Football Fly Let The Football Fly By: game4joy

Players need to kick all the enemies to death, and then kick the ball into the goal to pass the game.

3.00 / 5.00
Alloy Arena Alloy Arena 2.89 / 5.00
Easy Shooting Easy Shooting Under Review
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sports Games
Nice Shots Nice Shots By: yavona

Make the best score in this basketball game.

Under Review
Street Soccer Champ Street Soccer Champ By: gamebusted

Take your shot to become the top scorer in Street Soccer Champ!

3.81 / 5.00
Climber Climber Under Review
Baseball Big Hitter Baseball Big Hitter Under Review
Tribal Champ Tribal Champ 3.66 / 5.00
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strategy Games
 Cheese Hunt Cheese Hunt By: ClutterMedia

Funny physical game in which the player will have to help a little mouse to deliver a piece of cheese in the hole.

Under Review
Ageless War Ageless War By: robscherer123

Wage war against different eras of soldiers as you build your city, purchase weapons and armor, and cast powerful magic...

2.50 / 5.00
Sea Star Jigsaw Sea Star Jigsaw Under Review
Particle Z Particle Z Under Review
Critter Cargo Critter Cargo 3.23 / 5.00
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Random Games
Gorball Gorball By: Rotem11

Control the ball through 20 challenging levels.

3.08 / 5.00
Puppet Wars Puppet Wars By: arcadetown

Spin your puppet with whirling blades to defeat your opponent.

3.30 / 5.00
2039 Rider 2039 Rider 188 plays
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