action Games
Sugar Island Sugar Island By: mokshalstudios

The Ants come to the Viking island to make a new sweet sugar colony, led by Sugarking himself! You should help the Viking...

Under Review
Swift Turn 2 Swift Turn 2 By: vinchkovsky

Collect all the stars on each level! Touch finish to open next level.

2.54 / 5.00
Bunnie & Clyne Bunnie & Clyne Under Review
Columns Master Columns Master Under Review
Space Control Space Control Under Review
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adventure Games
Furfur and Nublo Furfur and Nublo By: DevilishFree

Furfur and Nublo brings a new concept to platforming games. The player must take control of two characters to complete all...

3.13 / 5.00
Oozing Forever Oozing Forever By: King

Mr. Ooze is out to get revenge on the Random scientists in this cutting-edge platformer.

Under Review
Battlefield Arena Battlefield Arena Under Review
Sheriff Chase Sheriff Chase Under Review
Dragons Flight Dragons Flight 3.00 / 5.00
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arcade Games
Fraction Laboratory Fraction Laboratory By: startonlinegames

Use a laser and a lot of other things to help the doctor to complete the experiment!

2.82 / 5.00
Gem Blocks Gem Blocks By: inocreato

Drop Down puzzle game

Under Review
Park It Park It 1.97 / 5.00
Let it Rain Let it Rain 2.69 / 5.00
Soul Search Soul Search 3.20 / 5.00
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board Games
The Suspense II The Suspense II By: ClutterMedia

Man is mortal ... This was and always will be...

3.38 / 5.00
Lazer Penguin Lazer Penguin By: ClutterMedia

Lazer Penguin is a fast paced competitive survival game with comical game play, sounds, and characters. A must click!...

2.25 / 5.00
Birds Blaster Birds Blaster 2.10 / 5.00
Astroslugs Demo Astroslugs Demo 2.88 / 5.00
ADDers and Ladders ADDers and Ladders 2.67 / 5.00
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card Games
21 Solitaire 21 Solitaire By: rzn1986

21 Solitaire is a Black Jack variation with 4 different game modes. The game includes basic modes for beginners and casino...

2.80 / 5.00
Timepass poke Timepass poke By: vvsd

Catch the 13 -playing card numbers

2.48 / 5.00
Snap Snap 3.00 / 5.00
Grey Olltwit's Fish Grey Olltwit's Fish Under Review
GhostMemory GhostMemory 3.18 / 5.00
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puzzle Games
Pimp My Maruthi Pimp My Maruthi By: 123chase

Tune this Maruthi car to give it an attractive look. You can change the color of the body, wheel, glass, sticker and...

Under Review
Hulk Fix my Tiles Hulk Fix my Tiles By: 123chase

Try to fix the tile slots in the exact places to get the original picture.

3.85 / 5.00
Alpine Cow Jigsaw Alpine Cow Jigsaw Under Review
Celeb ClickDEATH 2 Celeb ClickDEATH 2 Under Review
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racing Games
Vintage Race Vintage Race By: flashmania

Select your best car and start race through the obstacles.

2.86 / 5.00
Hell Cops Hell Cops By: GameTop

Hell Cops on the way for fresh doughnuts. Crash cars, vans, trucks, run over pedestrians. Nothing can stop hell cops from...

2.63 / 5.00
Country Racers Country Racers 2.83 / 5.00
Speed Friends Speed Friends Under Review
3D Neon Race 2 3D Neon Race 2 2.89 / 5.00
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rpg Games
Keep Your Cool Keep Your Cool By: olltwit

Control ADHD Doris and earn points in her stressful office cleaning job. Put up with her awful colleagues.

Under Review
MR.Looney Adventure MR.Looney Adventure By: startonlinegames

Looney\'s helicopter is crashed and he is lost in the jungle...

1.65 / 5.00
Scaryass Game 2 Scaryass Game 2 Under Review
Wings of Genesis Wings of Genesis 3.09 / 5.00
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shooting Games
Bodyguards and Assassins Bodyguards and Assassins By: dofreegames

It is a 50-minute death challenge! Five levels of different missions and weapon upgrading will bring you both tension and...

3.19 / 5.00
TDP3: Ultra Kill TDP3: Ultra Kill By: Flasher7

Multiplayer real-time shooter with real physics & MMORPG features

2.99 / 5.00
Moods Moods Under Review
Toxie-Radd Toxie-Radd 3.00 / 5.00
Mafia Shootout Mafia Shootout 2.38 / 5.00
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sports Games
Crazy Putter Crazy Putter By: GameManager

Aim with your mouse and get the ball into the putt.

3.03 / 5.00
Shooting Sports Shooting Sports By: Ketoulhou

In the 50m Running Target - try to score as much as possible by trying to shoot for the bull\'s eye as the boar passes you....

Under Review
Let's Go Jaywalking Let's Go Jaywalking Under Review
Autumn Racers Autumn Racers 3.09 / 5.00
The Chopper Ride 2 The Chopper Ride 2 Under Review
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strategy Games
Wooden Path 2 Wooden Path 2 By: Remigames

Create a wooden path across the river and discover magical lands. In your adventure, you will travel by teleports, trigger...

2.87 / 5.00
Sea turtle Jigsaw Sea turtle Jigsaw By: biggames

It is jigsaw puzzle game that includes many sea turtle jigsaw puzzles for you to solve.

Under Review
Cactaceae Jigsaw Cactaceae Jigsaw Under Review
Shock Arena Shock Arena 2.73 / 5.00
Cheating Death Cheating Death 3.21 / 5.00
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Random Games
Match 3 Adventure Match 3 Adventure By: GamesChart

Play match 3 as fast as you can to make your hero to attack the monster, try to make combo attacks to win the game.

2.94 / 5.00
Nature Adventure Nature Adventure By: sgarena

Enjoy a great view of the road as you can almost feel the asphalt beneath your feet

3.80 / 5.00
MicroStick MicroStick 45 plays
Space Rover Space Rover 234 plays
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