action Games
Invador Invador By: BadgerLikesGames

Space shooting alien blasting shooting game.

3.79 / 5.00
Yepi Forever Yepi Forever By: zivsof

Poor yepi suffers an accident with his spaceship. Can you guide him through the mysterious planet and help him unravel the...

2.80 / 5.00
London Blitz London Blitz 2.69 / 5.00
Ant Bubble Ant Bubble 3.00 / 5.00
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adventure Games
Delicious Pumpkin Pie Delicious Pumpkin Pie By: rallystocks

We’ve got the ingredients to make a wonderful pumpkin pie. But we need your help! So head to the kitchen and let’s get...

1.50 / 5.00
The Snake Game The Snake Game By: Gametion_as_dev

In this cool snake game, eat all eggs before time runs out to complete each level!

3.80 / 5.00
Cart Master Cart Master 2.43 / 5.00
Escape Mad Manor Escape Mad Manor 4.92 / 5.00
The Collector The Collector 2.98 / 5.00
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arcade Games
Total Robostruction Total Robostruction By: zayplay

Build an unstoppable robot army & rise through the ranks of an inept evil corporation bent on ruling the world! 15 Endings...

2.95 / 5.00
Colormons Colormons By: hbaskici

Color the Colormons. This game is a real challenge for your mind!

2.67 / 5.00
Gogly 2 Gogly 2 1.00 / 5.00
Even Higher Even Higher 2.40 / 5.00
Gravity Ball Gravity Ball 2.95 / 5.00
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board Games
Sea Quiz Sea Quiz By: cmdcmdcmdcmd

Smart enough for exploring? We\'ll see. Roll the dice and answer questions to get as many points as possible.

2.91 / 5.00
Smiley Rage Smiley Rage By: gamebusted

The objective of the game is to shoot the Other smileys out of the game screen, or into the holes.

2.97 / 5.00
Lazer Penguin Lazer Penguin 2.59 / 5.00
Pool Lines Pool Lines 2.78 / 5.00
Chess 3d Chess 3d 2.98 / 5.00
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card Games
21 Solitaire 21 Solitaire By: rzn1986

21 Solitaire is a Black Jack variation with 4 different game modes. The game includes basic modes for beginners and casino...

2.71 / 5.00
Clock Solitaire Clock Solitaire By: olltwit

Play solitaire card game against the clock.

2.74 / 5.00
Crazy Eight Crazy Eight 2.63 / 5.00
Pathians Pathians 2.95 / 5.00
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puzzle Games
Flower Jigsaw Flower Jigsaw By: biggames

It is jigsaw puzzle game that includes many flower jigsaw puzzles for you to solve.

4.00 / 5.00
Kremlin Jigsaw Kremlin Jigsaw By: holidaygames

Put many pieces together to restore a picture of Kremlin

3.36 / 5.00
Lost in the Forest Lost in the Forest 3.00 / 5.00
Plus vs Minus Plus vs Minus 4.35 / 5.00
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racing Games
Box10 ATV 5 Box10 ATV 5 By: box10

Race over this snowy terrain on your ATV Quad Bike Racing game.

3.30 / 5.00
Eco Sports Drive Eco Sports Drive By: vvsd

Drive the car on the road and avoid dashing other car.

2.67 / 5.00
Mini Racing Mini Racing Under Review
Rash Race Rash Race 3.14 / 5.00
Mini Biker Mini Biker 2.90 / 5.00
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rpg Games
Ancient Powers Ancient Powers By: nx8games

Ancient Powers is a RPG-Metroid-like game with 3 alternative endings in a Single Screen. 35 min of average gameplay.

2.73 / 5.00
Kings Guard Kings Guard By: King

Help the King and defend castles from the evil onslaught of skeletons, orcs, and much more!\r\n

3.33 / 5.00
Soul Arms Soul Arms 3.10 / 5.00
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shooting Games
Cactus Hunter 2 Cactus Hunter 2 By: jeux-internet

You're a cactus and a hunter and you've to kill all the bad animals.

3.00 / 5.00
Lahar the Magma Ball Lahar the Magma Ball By: MarasX21

Simple but fun physics game with great intuitiveness.

2.80 / 5.00
La Revolutionz La Revolutionz Under Review
Lady Battle Lady Battle 3.69 / 5.00
Alien Intruders Alien Intruders 3.00 / 5.00
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sports Games
Basketball Heroes Basketball Heroes By: box10

Make your way through the basketball championships and carry the trophy home

4.08 / 5.00
PuttBase PuttBase By: Jayc

Ball, Roll, Bounce. Get the ball into the hole with one shot, use extra blocks to guide and find the best and shortest...

3.46 / 5.00
Bike Master Bike Master 3.20 / 5.00
Catapult Catapult Under Review
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strategy Games
Candy Jigsaw Candy Jigsaw By: biggames

It is jigsaw puzzle game that includes many candy jigsaw puzzles for you to solve.

3.15 / 5.00
Poland Building Jigsaw Poland Building Jigsaw By: biggames

It is jigsaw puzzle game that includes many poland building jigsaw puzzles for you to solve.

3.77 / 5.00
Cactaceae Jigsaw Cactaceae Jigsaw 2.96 / 5.00
Monster Corp Monster Corp 4.03 / 5.00
Mana Chronicles Mana Chronicles 3.76 / 5.00
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Random Games
Strafe WW2 Western Front Strafe WW2 Western Front By: NEDER-IT

Become a World War Two fighter pilot and dogfight your way through all the stages of the western front during the second...

2.50 / 5.00
Jungle Air Hockey Jungle Air Hockey By: sgarena

The jungle air hockey games are full of color with great design

4.00 / 5.00
Ninja Bear Ninja Bear 60 plays
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